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“this was the best easter EVER!”


as quoted by my boys, and i have to agree. the only thing we missed was having jake home. but to compensate we did soooo much that the kids loved it!

we got to see brand new baby lambs at our friends grandma’s house where we did the FIRST easter egg hunt. we then got to spend time with friends while picnicking and laughing, and an all around good time. which led to the “egg rolling“. never heard of this but everyone knows about it except me ofcourse and our family, and as we walk to the sand dunes every ones all a chatter, and you can feel the excitement…should of clued in right there it couldnt of been just about egg rolling, sure enough they roll eggs down the dirty sand and then to my surprise, they start chucking the hundreds of eggs at each other. and we were not spared. but thankfully i had katie and kyle to hide behind until someone saw my tactic and decided to smear egg yolks all in my hair. all in all AWESOME TIME! as we all walked back to the picnic i explain “next year you all better watch out, cause my husband will be home and he’ll be able to hold the baby!” told jake that and he said, “what baby? she’ll be 2 and 1/2.” SWEET! that means we can both chuck eggs! but the best part was i think seeing my kids enjoy easter and when we talked about the meaning of easter, nate is really starting to show me what kind of person he’s going to be, that kid has unwavering faith, and surprises me every day. everything from statements like “i love the easter bunny because he and santa clause take presents and food to the poor” and also how he blows me away with his dealing with the bullies at school “mom they are still all my friends, because that’s what Jesus did, he was friends with everyone.” it breaks my heart what these boys say to my kid, but it makes me so humbled how my child reacts. i need to keep learning from him and i need to have that trust in the Lord.

hope you had a wonderful easter, ours was great!

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