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kyle turns 4


all day long he would tell everyone that “today is MY birthday!” (we told him we were going to eat cake and celebrate the night before his birthday, but he still insisted to tell everyone that THAT day was his birthday…it’s okay dude whatever you want!)

poor little guy his actual birthday was overshadowed by our farewell for jake, but we tried to make it a little special the night before at grandma and grandpa’s house. kyle is a super cute adorable kid, who’s scream is really loud for such a small child, i guess that’s what happens when you have two older brothers and you have to defend yourself. he’s a cuddle bug and is loved by everyone, anyone who knows him (adults that is) has had at least one time in their life when he just decides that he wants to be on your lap and just be happy as a clam there! he absolutley adores his older brothers, is dad’s biggest fan, is mommy’s little shadow, and starting to appreciate being an older brother to katie! we love you!