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May I suggest something?


Whatever you do, do NOT get that nasty flu thing that is going around! IT IS HORRIBLE!!!! My kids and I were in bed starting on Friday and I just got moving about monday long enough to throw all linens off our beds, and Lysol, and Pinesol, everything I could with the small amount of saved up energy I got while I downed some more fever represant. The kids are still down, Katie and Kyle with ear infections and running fevers of around 103.8, Ryan’s starting to show some life, and Nate’s just lying there. Poor guy didn’t get away fast enough! The greatest thing though is that yesturday, I looked out my window just in time see MY HUSBAND, getting out of his truck and getting ready to come in our house!!!! He has to go back today, but what a wonderful thing to even have him back for a day!