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You know you have a “Problem” …


Nate (entertaining himself)

Kyle (poor little guy!)
Ryan (other poor little boy!)
little Miss Katie (ignoring her symptoms)

…when you feel like poop and your kids look like this and you take pictures so you can blog about it! Yes, I have now hit a new low in blogging and my obsession. Nate’s the only one who does not have the FLU. Katie surprisingly enough is quite on the happy side for having yet ANOTHER ear infection, she gets those like they are going out of style. So everyone here, (including me now) is feeling poopy and Nate can be heard saying like “I’m BORED here!!” and “Please dont breathe on me, I dont want to get what you have!” And my personal favorite one is “Who’s going to take care of everything and everyone if you are sick, mom?” Wish us luck we are in the hands and mercy of an 8 year old!

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