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I probably should keep you all in the dark so I look cooler but…okay fine I’ll show you how to change your background without having to change the template. First off you are going to go to, I have a link to it on the left hand side under “Vanessa’s Favorite’s”. Create an account. Next you are going to go to scrapbooking sites, and fabric sites online. Find paper you like and save it in your computer files. Go back to photobucket and go under “my account” and hit “browse”. And just like you upload pictures to you blog you are going to do the same to the photobucket account.

Now comes the tricky part. To upload it as the background here’s the steps:
1. Go to edit HTML
2.under edit template you will see a section that says “body”, and 7 lines down you will see “background”, here’s where the magic begins.
3. now you are looking at something that looks like this:background:#483521 url(““) repeat;
4. now I said sort of! mine has my name on it cause it’s my background from photobucket
but you are going to go to photobucket, and click “direct link” under your paper that was downloaded.
5.Now go back to the http:// section and highlight everything BUT the parenthsis ( ) those things…and the quotation marks. so everything inside there should be highlighted.
6. now paste your “direct link” into and hit “preview” and see if it works, if something is messed up, just hit clear edits.
7. if you like what you see then save your template.

** my template is not a phyzam anymore, I used the plain one with the brown background I think it’s called Scribe? anyways that should work. If you having any problems just tell me and maybe I can help. I’ll try but I’m still sort of new to it all!
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