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48 degrees outside


And we’re partying likes it’s summer! My kids were thinking it WAS summer! They spent so much time outside they actually turned pink from running and riding thier bikes! I loved it! They did so well yesturday playing together that I was a little bored and started to organize my shirt drawer, military style, so everything is rolled up and in rows, it looks so pretty. Sad this is my life on a Saturday when my kids are not fighting! Normally we would be doing family stuff and working on something in the house or going somewhere, I probably need to think up a good idea for saturday traditions without Jake.

And today was officially my first time while he is deployed to go to our ward without him. It went really well! I was expecting something like every other Sunday, but they surprised me and did GREAT! Some of you have heard our horror stories of church and the boys. OH the things they do! I guess that I will share our most embarassing moment by far:

Pretty sure it was a few months ago, Katie was fussing and I had gotten up to walk with her. I guess while I was gone Jake (this is what HE says) was totally listening to the speaker, so he wasn’t paying attention to the boys. Well apparently Ryan had gotten into my church bag and was rummaging through the pockets, when Jake finally clued into the kids, he saw to his horror, Ryan trying to “pop” the tampon which he had mistaken for a “firecracker popper” and was getting pretty annoyed that nothing was happening when he was pulling on the string. From my understanding, everyone around them saw it and people were turning purple trying not to bust out laughing in the middle of service.

So yes today has been so great, they are being polite to eachother, and actually sharing and when I asked Ryan what he was doing, he answered “oh just getting some toys for kyle so he can have fun in the bath” I’m starting to suspect something is up. I wonder what they are hiding or wanting?!