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Moroccan Getaway – Fairy Dust Quilt Print Pattern – Wholesale

Getawa to Morocco with our Moroccan Getaway quilt. A kaleidoscope of color awaits with this intricate pattern.




Traditional piecing. This pattern uses V and Co Ombre Fabric with Moda. This pattern includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures and diagrams.

This quilt comes in three different sizes:

  • large: 79″ x 91″
  • medium: 57″ x 68″
  • baby: 34″ x 46″

For the 20 color version we used theV and Co Ombre Metallic Fairy dust.

Materials needed:

1/2 yard each of 20 Ombré fabrics:

  • Graphite Grey (10800-13), Hot Pink (10800-14), Lime Green (10800-18), Teal (10800-31),
  • Avocado (10800-52), Magenta (10800-201), Taupe (10800-204), Lagoon (10800-207),
  • Plum (10800-208), Turquoise (10800-209), Mint (10800-210), Mustard (10800-213),
  • Sand (10800-215), Persimmon (20800-216), Honey (10800-219), Coral (10800-221),
  • Onyx (10800-222), Aubergine (10800-224), Indigo (10800-225), Popsicle Pink (10800-226).

For the 32 color version:

  • Fat quarter cut of:
    Honey (10871-219M), Mustard (10871-213M), Persimmon (10871-216M), Cherry (10871-314M), Burgundy (10871-317M), Cranberry (10871-318M), Mulberry (10871-3160, Coral (10871-221M), Tangerine (10871-311M), Popsicle Pink (10871-226M), Hot Pink (10871-14M), Magenta 201M), Plum (10871-208M), Mauve (10871-319M), Abergine (10871-224M), Iris (10871-320M), Nantucket (10871-321M), Slate (10871-322M), Indigo (10871-225M), Lime Green (10871-18M), Avocado (10871-52M), Mint (10871-210M), Evergreen (10871-324M), Turquoise (10871-209M), Lagoon (10871-207M), Teal(10871-31M), Kelly (10871-323M), Sand (10871-215M), Taupe (10871-204M), Graphite Grey (10871-13M), Onyx (10871-222M).
  • 7 yards Moda white star ombre (10871-332M)
  • 3/4 yard Popsicle Pink Ombré (10800-226M) for Binding
  • 8 1/4 yards for Backing (we used our ombre confetti dot!

THIS LISTING IS FOR WHOLESALE PURCHASERS ONLY. A minimum quantity of five print copies is required for purchase.