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NEW OMBRE BLOOM by V and Co for MODA fabric


We are so excited to introduce our newest Ombre for Moda Fabrics
Introducing OMBRE BLOOM 
The newest ombre to come to the V and Co ombre family! Showing to Quilt shops now and has shipping date of October 2019
Please enter bloom20 at checkout for 20 percent off all PDFs. (this code will expire MAY 26, 2019 at midnight)
This ombre comes in all 32 colors bundled together and comes in cuts of Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, and Dessert Rolls and Half yard bundles. We have patterns for each of these pre-cuts! (except the half yard bundle) 
First we have:

 Ombre Carnival! This pattern uses 2 Dessert Rolls  or 10″ cuts of all 20 colors included in this bundle. The quilt measures 56″ x70″ finished and also uses our Confetti background fabric featured below:

This background confetti in white is so awesome! It brings to life those stars and gives it an extra bit of wow!
The backgrounds come in gray, black, two beiges and white featured here. Ask your quilt store to carry them, or check out some online stores to see if they carry them! (these ship to store July 2019)

But back to our new pattern!

Ombre Carnival is a GREAT beginner to ombre (or quilting!) quilt! spend most of your time having fun moving some of the blocks around to play with the shades!
Please see listing of this pdf for download here
Next we have:

 Lovely Ombre Cabins Made out of log cabins on point and with cutting instructions to help guide you every step of the way! This quilt measures 75″x92″ finished and uses a fat quarter bundle for block, border and binding!

It’s a gorgeous large quilt perfect to snuggle under or to take to the park as a very colorful picnic blanket!
Please find this pdf here to purchase and download
Our third new pattern is:

Ombre Flower Bouquet This pattern is one of my favorite quilt patterns because of how dainty and fun these flowers are and how the ombre totally plays in the flower blocks!! 
This quilt featured on the the cover takes one Ombre Bloom Jelly roll plus a little extra lime green ombre for the leaves. The quilt featured on the cover measures 56″ by 70″ and the second smaller quilt measures 56″ square. 
I will have to say this is one of my favorite quilt patterns we have created for the ombre fabric! 
We are so excited to announce that not only can you purchase our ombre Bloom in all 32 colors, we also have all 32 colors available in Confetti Metallic and in Plain ombre. 
All three fabric choices work the same! So any of our past ombre projects and pattern will work with the new Ombre Bloom patterns and vice versa.

Also if you are going to be going to Quilt Market in Kansas City later this week, please head over to the Moda Booth to check out all these fabrics and quilts! Just ask to see the V and Co OMBRE!