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Keeping it Basic: Ombre Fabric Basics for MODA



Handsome devil on our Confetti Ombre Quilt BUY PDF HERE

 You made our V and Co Confetti Metallic Ombre so fantastically popular that Moda Fabrics will be making it into a BASIC which means…BOTH our V and Co Original 20 Ombre fabric and now our NEW 20 Confetti Metallic Dot Ombre will be available for re-ordering. 🙂  (shipping date for Confetti Ombre is February of 2018. Original V and Co ombre is available now for re-ordering)

But only in Yardage…So if you are wanting Jelly Rolls (listen up shops!) you have got to get those now, because those wont be available once they run out. (And if I had a dime for every single time I got an email inquiring where someone could get some Ombre Jelly Rolls I’d be living off the grid on some remote little island sipping (non-alcoholic HA!) pretty drinks with umbrellas sticking out of them without a care in the world…JUST SAYIN)

IF you’re not sure that your store has ordered this fabric make sure you ask if they have spoken to their FABULOUS MODA fabric rep and ordered this fabric!

Featured on the right all of our new quilt pdfs and on the left Ombre Weave
We are so ecstatic with how this fabric has been received and for all those shop owners that have already ordered, thank you! We thank you from the bottom of our heart!
Also FYI for all you out there that missed out the first couple of times… Fall Breeze Ombre Bundles with PDF pattern are back in stock WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 🙂
OH and PS tomorrow there will be a Jelly Roll giveaway on my INSTAGRAM account…so go check that out!