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Take 5 Fat Quarters


Little Miss Kathy Brown and I go way back. Well not really we only go about a year back because that’s when we met, but we HIT IT OFF like we had known each other for decades. We belly laughed and laughed and laughed in a little town in Indiana when we did the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. So yes I feel that Kathy and I go way back because of who she is a person. I’m pretty darn lucky to know her in real life, but enough kissy-kissy brown nosing Miss Brown(ha did you see what I did there?) …Lets talk about this new book of hers. 

Take 5 Fat Quarters: 15 Easy Quilt Patterns

In this book you will take 5 fat quarters and add background fabric to create some fun quilts. Kathy is the author of many other books as well. She’s kind of good at it! And she’s the master at showing you how to do it fast and fun and with some great tips along the way.

These two are a couple of my favorite quilts in her book! 

look at these lovely flying geese! 🙂 I want to make this one as soon as I get a moment to breathe (so in like a bazillion years…but maybe this summer) Please go check out Kathy’s blog, give her a sweet note of which one of her quilts is your favorite. It’ll make her day. Make sure you tell her I sent you. 😉

PS: thank you so much for the lovely response on the new fabric line! 🙂 and the books! :)!! mwua!

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