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EEK! Two things…


 Well maybe a little more than two things…but first things first…COLOR THEORY FABRIC IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!! Your local quilt stores should be getting it any day if they haven’t already gotten it! And the patterns to go with it as well! Find all my patterns here. Woooooohoooooo!!!!! ALSO that means that the pink ombre is finally back in stock and you can start making the I Heart You quilt you’ve been waiting on the fabric for!!! If I only had a nickel for every email I’ve gotten with the words “where in the world can I freaking get this pink ombre fabric?! It’s no where anymore and I’M HOLDING YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR MY FRUSTRATION!” haha well not really just like that BUT I heard you and we got it back in stock at MODA. 🙂

 And to celebrate because lets face it we’re all very happy the pink ombre is back…lets give a discount on the I heart you pattern. how about 25% off with the code LOVE at check out. 🙂 this discount will go on through Feb 14th 🙂

Okay so that was number one. And number 2 is this:

My Simply Color books: RED advance copy came in the mail…and as you can see I have some stuff in the works with that. More info on that selection of fabric coming in February. I’m so excited that these books are finally getting ready to ship! Red was super fun to work with and I can’t wait to keep giving you more and more sneak peeks of orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 🙂 You can order the whole series here

for a limited about of copies (of the series) you can get the whole series for $70. (there’s only a few left though I think) so go quickly. 🙂 

Also my oldest is learning to drive. Its worse than being on a roller coaster for the first time.He’s doing a lot better and so am I but it has not been unheard of my feet hitting the dashboard while yelling “WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!” to which my husband and my son and the other children look at me and say “MOM, seriously…relax a little.” I CAN’T OKAY?! I JUST CAN’T! 

..So if you’re the praying type please say a prayer that I survive my nerves of being the passenger in a death trap with a 15 year old at the wheel. Even though my family thinks I’m over reacting…Thanks. 

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