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New Fall V and Co Patterns


Hi there! I’m finally ready to show you my new patterns for this fall! I’m very excited about them and we’ve been working really hard on them for a while. 🙂 Ready?

Okay first up we have Super Star:

Super Star uses every single print in the line. YES, every single one minus the ombre gradients. It’s Fat Eight friendly and is a very fun bright quilt and easy to put together.

My daughter really loved it in her room for the afternoon it sat in there so I could take pictures. She was a little cross with me when I started to take it down and put back her room how it was before.

 This quilt consists of HSTs and squares, and would be a great and easy pattern to teach from or to tackle if you are on the newer side to quilting. Or if you want a fun and fast quilt to make this one is a good one to tackle. 🙂

It comes in one size: Medium Throw 64″ x 80″

Super Star Quilt PDF

Next is Fadeaway:

This is the first of the two patterns just using the gradient ombre fabric in my line. It comes in two sizes: Baby 48″x 48″ and Medium Throw 64″x 80″ .

In the pattern we give you instructions on how to cut the fabric and place the fabric to give the quilt a neat effect of fading from dark to light in the quilt. This is one of my favorite quilts I’ve made…but I think I say that of a few of my patterns every time I show them off. Whatever, it’s a favorite! 🙂 

 This baby size is 1/2 yard pre-cut friendly…yes, you can order 1/2 yard precuts of just the gradient ombre and make this baby quilt. It would be the perfect baby quilt for your nursery, or to give as a baby shower gift. 🙂

Fadeaway Quilt PDF

Then there’s the quilt that is HANDS DOWN my favorite quilt ever…Ombre Lonestar:

Again just focusing on the ombre gradient fabric…I wanted to create a quilt that would really show the gradient fabric together and to show it off in a spectacular way. I had this quilt in my head for a long time, and I finally got it in fabric.

 And of course it looks quite spectacular on an Iowan barn.  🙂

 …and in my home. 🙂

 This quilt is 64″x 64″ square uses all the gradient ombre fabrics…and is down right spectacular. 🙂 Ombre Lonestar Quilt PDF

last but not least we have our zipper pouch this time around with some yummy texture the Honey Comb Pouch: 

 Since I started making zipper pouches, I’ve been hooked to them and can’t make enough of them. I make them in all different sizes so I can carry lots and lots of stuff, and feel organized

This  time around we made the larger pouch large enough to carry a LARGE Aurifil cone and your pin cusion and rotary cutter and some fabric and whatever else you can try to stuff in there. The smaller pouch fits threads, scissors and whatever else you need as well. 

 I would have to say that this is my favorite zipper pouch pattern I’ve made. and can’t wait to make a few more of them in different colors. 🙂

Honey Comb Zipper Pouch PDF

Now because I am so excited about my new patterns I’m offering a 35% discount of all PDF patterns including the new ones. Just type 35COLOR at check out for the savings.  This offer will be available through this Saturday the 11th of October.

But I feel like my blog has been neglected for a while and we’ve not done any fun giveaways…SO…

for a chance to win some Color Theory scraps (strips of fabric varying in size and I’ll fill a flat rate box full of them) tell me this:

What ombre gradient color from the bella solids would you like to see that we don’t already have? Would you like to see eggplant back? (yeah me too. We’ll probably make that happen) But seriously tell me what other colors do you want to see? Maybe we can make it happen. 🙂

Just one entry per person please include email like this: VandCo (dot) Info (at) Gmail (dot) com if you do not have email attached to your profile. 

Sale and giveaway ends Saturday and I will pick a winner on Monday. 

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