V and Co: how to: simply color ombre baby quilt


first off WELCOME NOVEMBER!!! what? okay not asking too many questions, but seriously how’d we get here already?

anyways, this is one of those projects that i’ve been so super excited to show off here on the blog but, has been sitting on the back burner just WAITING for the right time to make it on here.

now is that time.

by now simply color in yardage is either on its way to your local quilt stores, to your online quilt store, or they are already there. if they are already there WHOOT! if not, just hold on to your butts it’s on it’s way, so i’ve been told. 🙂

okay so these ombre square quilts are a great beginner quilt or for the seasoned quilter a great fast easy quilt to make for that baby shower you forgot to make something for and are all like “crap! so didn’t plan to forget about that! now what? oh yeah: a simple ombre square quilt by V and Co! whoot that V and Co is so dang cool!” why thanks! i know. so happy you see how cool i am too.

for the front of these quilts we used the ombre fabric of simply color for moda by V and Co.

and then the back and binding are coordinating fabrics from the same line.

shown in these pictures are the lime, orange, and aqua ombre fabrics

there is also ombre available in  pink, navy, gray and eggplant that are not shown here. 

To make one of these 40″ x 40″ quilts:


– 55″ x WOF (width of fabric) basically just smidgen over 1 1/2 yards of ombre fabric for the front

– 1 1/4 yard of back fabric

– 10″ x WOF for binding.

-1 1/2 yard of batting


-from ombre fabric: cut 81 5″ x 5″ squares

-from binding fabric cut 4 strips of 2 1/2″ x WOF follow these instructions to create and apply binding.


on a flat surface layout 9 rows of 9 squares across

make sure you place light and dark shades next to each other so you can see the different blocks!


using a 1/4″ seam allowance place two squares right sides together and sew your seam.

press open with an iron.

continue to do this for all 9 blocks in your row.

attach your rows together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

tie, or quilt your layers.

bind your quilt.

find a baby to snuggle your adorably simple quilt. 🙂

i’ll come back next week with some pics of my time in austin! 🙂

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