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V and Co: im in another book…and giveaway :)


 welcome to all those of you who are new to my blog for this book blog hop!

i’m vanessa and this is my blog.

i am a mother to 4 vivacious noisemakers i call my children, three boys and a little girl. been married for 14 and half years to a pretty funny guy (but not as funny as i, but hey…it’s okay) who also happens to be my best friend.

i like to sew and create things (with mainly fabric!) and i’m so happy and excited to be included in the second moda bake shop book: Sweet Celebrations with Moda Bakeshop Chefs

35 chefs this time. wowza!

 this time around there was a theme of pre-cuts and holidays.

this book seems like it’s going to be such a fun addition to my collections of books to flip through and get inspired from and to create some wonderful projects for throughout the holiday!

in this book my project consists of a simple wreath and small christmas trees to add to the holiday fun. i like things simple but elegant in the main part of my home and i thought that this project would be something i would most def put up in my home. 🙂 for some of you no sewers this will be a great project for you as i used hot glue and fabric to create both of these projects!

for my recipe i picked to share perfect cookies for santa! 

surely the noisemakers will love them as well! 

okay so here’s a little about me:

(ahem from the questions given to me by moda)

1. What is your favorite holiday memory? 

i would have to say my favorite holiday memory would be when i was really little i can remember putting out cookies and milk for santa and waking up thinking “OH MY GOSH! HE WAS HERE!!!!! HE ATE SOME OF THE COOKIES!!!” i loved the excitement of that! and then when i had kids i get SO excited to see them get so excited that santa came that night and ate the cookies they helped make

i can almost still feel it in me just like when i was a kid when i watch my kids go through the amazement of santa coming to OUR house. 🙂 love it. it will be sad when that’s not there anymore but i look forward to seeing  again with my grandkids.

2.   Do you prefer to celebrate with cupcakes, cake pops, or just plain old cake?

CHOCOLATE cake. preferably made by someone else…

3. do you like the edge, or the middle part of the cake, or do you just not discriminate.

hmmm, most cakes…middle not a fan of birthday sheet cakes…but if it’s said chocolate cake with awesome chocolate frosting and like chocolate chips in the frosting…then SIDE! 🙂 i guess i’m sort of discriminatory of any cake but chocolate cake. as should most

4. Are you holding on to a particular fabric that you just can’t bring yourself to use

 yeah…my simply color by V and Co. (hey that’s me!) because it’s my first line ever…i am having a hard time cutting into the stash i have…just means i have to stock up with a lot more. 🙂

5.When you picture Oda May, what does she look like?

so yeah… Oda May i figure is pretty bad a__. 

and in her spare time…she’s probably a ninja. but not any kind of ninja, a pink one. 

not many of those out there. 

no really try to find one, i dare you to try.

it’s the highest accomplishment in ninja world. 

i would know as i may or may not be training to be one as well. 

you’ll never know because we are not allowed to divulge any information on those kind of things. 

and now i’ve said too much.

 Oda May has a silly side as well. obviously she loves holidays and loves anything fabric so she’s normally decked out for the holidays…and apparently very fond a her lavender cardigan. but dont mess with her. she’s highly trained with her ninja skills and she has rotarty cutters on her at all times. consider yourself warned.

i hope to be this kind of awesome at her age.



Now for the giveaway! 

In order to win one free copy of Sweet Celebrations and a fat quarter stack of Moda fabrics:

1. leave a comment on this post telling me what moda line would you pick for your free fat quarter bundle?

make sure you leave your email address at the bottom of the comment.

2. leave me a second comment saying what color ninja you would be? would you just be a black ninja? or a pink ninja like oda may might be 

make sure you leave your contact email address at the bottom of your second comment as well. 

  The deadline to enter is October 14th.  The winner will be randomly selected from the comments below and contacted via email.  Only US participants will receive the actual book – winners with an address outside of the US will receive an e-book.

Make sure you visit all of the other blogs on the tour!  You can collect recipes at each spot, and enter in giveaways there as well.  Thanks so much for stopping!!

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 October 19 – Winners announced on all the blogs!

okay now go quickly you only have three days from here to hit everyone up!!!

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