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V and Co: skip the borders book giveaway


welcome to skip the borders blog hop i am Vanessa and this is my blog. 🙂 

today i get to talk a little about this book and how julie has made some great patterns sans the borders.

here’s the whole line up of people in the blog hop

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 this one right here is my favorite, it could also be that i like the fact that it has three shades of the same color. whatever the case its my favorite. 🙂 she knows that and i’m just waiting for it to show up at my house. she knows my address so i’m not quite sure what the hold up is. >:)

 another fun one that i love in this book which i am willing to have as well, is this cute bella solid

and last but not least that i want in my house…is this gorgeous lots of white with beautiful stars.

so there you have it the three quilts i’m waiting to show up at my house.


julie has asked me 3 questions to answer:

 All of the quilts in Skip the Borders are… borderless! Do you skip borders on most of your quilts? 

actually, i only have like 3 quilts that i’ve made that do not have borders. for some reason i usually add borders. BUT i’m actually falling in love with the idea of no borders!

 In the intro to my book I give you Permission to Break the Rules. Do you break some quilting rules? What is the number one rule you break and why?

ha! um…i think i always break rules because i kind of experiment to learn so i do things my way, before i ask any questions. so i guess that’s breaking rules. sometimes i like my way of doing things, but when i finally get around to learning how others have done things, i like that too.

It’s no secret that I love binding! In Skip the Borders I included an entire chapter on binding. So the million dollar question, is do you use bias or straight of grain most of the time? STRAIGHT!!!! because i feel like i can get more bang for my buck.

okay so now we have the same questions for you:

1. Do you skip borders on most of your quilts? 

2. Do you break some quilting rules?

3. Do you use bias or straight of grain most of the time? 

you can answer one or three:

it gives you one or three chances!

up to you!

if you chose to do more than one chance please answer each question in a separate comment with you contact email at the bottom of each comment.

you have till thursday at noon to enter.

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