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V and Co: how to: make a mini fabric pumpkin


about a week ago I was working on a project (actually, I was not using a seam ripper and using my little scissors to take out a seam) and one of my noisemakers asked me a question in the middle of it. As I looked up somehow the thread holding my pincushion strawberry onto my little scissors got in between the blades and “snip” I looked down right as the strawberry fell and bounced away from me pathetically a few feet away.

“NO! oh man REALLY? Poop. poop.poop…” to which my kid said “mom, stop it with the poop.”

yeah yeah, i know.

anyways, for a few days I didn’t have anything on my little scissors, and I kept losing them. and losing them. it got a little annoying. I didn’t realize how important that little strawberry was.

So I sought out to make another one. BUT I was feeling a little on the festive side so I thought why the heck not make a tiny little pumpkin.

okay so here’s what we need to make this little scissor charm:

-1 square at 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ (note if you want a bigger pumpkin to be more of a pincushion that hangs off the scissors then i would suggest going up to 3 1/2″ by 3 1/2″)

-thread. i used simply color orange from aurifil.

-small scrap of green for the leaves.

-DMC floss (green)

Fray Check for the leaves

– hot glue gun

-small amount of stuffing needed.

first we are going to make that square into a circle

i just free handed cut around the square (not too much and it doesn’t have to be perfect either)

next i got my needle and thread, and i did a running stitch around the whole circle

1. once i made my way around i gently pulled on the thread to create a sort of cup

2. next i got some stuffing and placed it inside the cup.

3. then i gently pulled on the thread all the way and then made sure it wouldn’t open up but making a few stitches across the top of the opening.

-next i wanted to make it look more like a pumpkin, so i took my needle and thread and went from the top of the pumpkin and placed the needle and thread through the middle of the bottom of the pumpkin.

-then i repeated

-and repeated

-until i had what looked like a bonafide pumpkin bottom.

-tie off the thread with a know on top.

-next we are going to free hand a few little leaves, and i sealed the fabric by placing fray check around the leaves. place them aside. and heat up the hot glue gun.

-now get a piece of DMC gloss (embroidery floss) and thread it.

-going from the bottom up, thread the DMC floss through the middle of the pumpkin.

-return going back down through the pumpkin leaving a big loop on the top part of the pumpkin.

-unthread the needle

-on the bottom make a know so the floss stays in place.

-do the same to the top part of the pumpkin

next hot glue your little leaves onto the top part of the pumpkin. :

you are done and now you can hang you’re adorable little adorning pumpkin off your scissors.

yup, cute and festive.

now to think of something for the winter season…any suggestions???


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