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V and Co.: winner of simply color pre cuts


thank you all!

it was so nice to read which one of my patterns is your favorite. it seems like houndstooth is still one of the top fave. and after 2 years of it being out…yeah i kind of still like it too. a close second: the abby bag. nice. 🙂

lots of lovely color options and WOW gray is STILL THE ONE.  majority say gray…and another color. good to know that because well, i really still like gray too. (i just RE-painted my whole house gray so i should say i like it!)

okay winner:

this lucky reader (picked randomly, by little fingers that can not read yet, but thought it would be fun to pick the winner):

I love your Houndstooth pattern….thank you for the chance to win some of your awesome stuff!!

tami you need to check your email cause i just sent you a notification that you won! whoooot! 

congrats to the winner. trust me this wont be the last time i have a giveaway of simply color. maybe in october when it comes out we’ll have to another giveaway of it? yeah i think so.

have a good rest of the weekend! the husband just came home from his conference trip and brought me home a historic book of quilts. he’s a keeper. farts and all. 🙂

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