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working working and a winner


i’m almost done. well, no. i’m almost out of time. today and tomorrow are my last days to sew. tomorrow i have to pack, and then on wednesday i drive and head to quilt market to set up. 


are you so tired of hearing i’m working so hard can’t wait to show you! yeah, i’m tired to saying too. but tomorrow i’ll show off my patterns, and well start selling them. because they are done. yay!!

i’m very excited to show them off, and even more excited to show them off in my fabrics. they turned out great.

but i’m not done yet. still need to finish a few projects like these pillows from my book (just updated in my fabric) and a few more little things here and there. 🙂

okay so for our geared for guys giveaway. i had a BLAST reading your entries. i was laughing soo hard!

one thing is for sure: we love our men. they are good GOOD men, with some silly and sometimes gross habits. but thankfully our love of them totally makes it kind of okay and even funny to have them be who they are all the guts and glory. 🙂

so our two winners are:




and your info has been given to emily and she will be contacting you shortly!

okay off to finish sewing…and packing…so i can show you what i’ve been working on!!!

we’ll talk soon!!!!