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V and Co: today


as i pick up the thing that used to be my kind of clean house, i reflect on the simple daily routines that make me happy.

i like to have a clean house.

mowed lawn.

and clean laundry.

i feel like none of those things have been on my radar while i get ready for market.

yesterday, was chaotic, today i want to get my house a little more in order. so today i am putting aside sewing and i will try to tackle some of those things. except the mowing, that’s already done.

 in my chaoticness of a week i did get something fun in the mail, Quilty is fons and porters modern magazine. its super cute!

 in this issue it talks a little about the awesomness that is iowa (yeah that’s right i’ve been here almost 9 months and i’m embracing the iowan-ess in me that i never knew i had)

we’ve seen some of these painted on quilt blocks as we’ve driven to different places. these awesome quilt blocks are found on the side of barns. who wouldn’t love a state that puts big huge ‘ol quilt blocks as large as the side of your barn? seriously.

 also in this issue you’ll see my quilt. and yup, there’s my name. 🙂

 in this issue it’s highlights cool info about the modern quilt guild, and quilt con.

 and this issue this is my favorite cool quilt in ombre. by heather jones

i got to look at the magazine finally today, that i got sometime this last week.


today i am going to put aside all things sewing (at least for a few hours) and clean, and grocery shop and love my husband and kids. because sometimes its the super simple every day things in life that make you super happy.

have a great weekend.

i’m hoping to stuff as much simple every day things in today because i know i have to get back to the crazy of prep for market after today again.

🙂 who knew toilet cleaning could be a happy thing?