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V and Co:new patterns paper AND pdf


just quickly popping in…and then popping out…to um keep sewing, i’ve been working on something for katie again. i know sad for the boys. somehow i’ll include them soon. anyways hopefully i’ll show you what i’m working on. 🙂

anyways, i wanted to let you all know that i have three new patterns available in my shop

little sprouts.   

little sprouts PDF form

just dandy

Just dandy PDF



the ruffled argyle 

ruffled argyle PDF

 as well, please notice that the houndstooth PDF  will now include the larger version of the quilt with  yardage requirements and instructions for the throw to king size quilt as well as the baby small block version and requirements.

and now a little note about the price change:

PDF’s from now on will be closer in price to my paper patterns. as they will be the same pattern (more professionally executed with illustrations, and a little less me taking pictures and talking about poop) the newer pdf patterns will reflect that in price (trying to be fair to paper pattern sales because we do still want to be able to go to ACTUAL stores to buy quilt patterns and fabric right?!)

the older ones that don’t have a paper counter part…will stay the same as they have been, with all my lower case “i’s” and everything. 🙂

okay. so bottom line: three new patterns in the shop paper and PDF! 

and pdf versions of the houndstooth, abby bag, and the beach bag have been added.

also notice i put the book on sale. 🙂

oh and psssssssssssst… yeah you! come here a little closer:

if you enter pdf50 you get 50% off any pdf

if you enter paper50 you get 50% off any paper pattern.

WOWZERS! thanks for the orders. i’m filling them all today. 🙂

but it only lasts for a day. well a day and a half. tomorrow night it will basically end.


hope you are having a great day.

we’ll talk soon.