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edited: i started this post yesterday…but life got over scheduled. sooo we’ll just continue it today


-i wore my scarf from my book and i loved it as much today as i did when i was making it and put it on for the first time.

-i got a *little* (ha! more like a lot) overwhelmed with some of my decisions, took a breather, then got newly excited with all my new future projects.

***** this is to where i got…so i’ll continue from here*****

-i went to bed at a reasonable hour last night

-realized i never did a birthday post for my now 12 year old. 🙁

-love that its raining and friday.

-didn’t sew one stitch today, but got a lot of other things done.

-forgot to eat lunch

-realized i ate a whole bag of chocolate chips because i didn’t make any cookies this week yet the bag is empty.

-need to go grocery shopping for chocolate chips groceries

-need to call my mom.

-keep trying to come up with good selling points for the husband on why i need this coat, too bad it wont make the price go down

– im listening to katie laugh hysterically because of something her dog and her are doing. (she needs more people friends i think)

-i’m getting ready to welcome home the husband and just got word he doesn’t have to work at all this weekend.

-just got ridiculously happy about that last statement

-am going to get off the computer, grab my camera, and take the last few pictures of the couple how to’s i can’t wait to show you next week.

happy weekend friends. 🙂

we’ll talk soon.

ps happy super bowl too. i’m not into it this year but i’m sure a lot of you are!

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