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winners of craptastic giveaway


 first off thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, the oh get over yourself you don’t know what old is, the oh my gosh i just turned 25 and i feel so olds, the i know EXACTLY what you are feelings, the oh honey the best is yet to comes, and the i don’t know what to say so i’ll just say happy uncrappy birthday to you. all the comments were great and made my day. really.

but you don’t want to hear anything from me right now you just want to know who won.

well here are the winners:

thank you random generator for taking out the guessing game:

212 kate spain mini charm packs: meg B

772 kate spain mini charm packs: lynlamb

144 threads + lotta pocket friend: heather BC

835 apron by terrace hill: sharon

8 charm packs: trisha

1064 layer cake: jenny

463 fabric fat quarter bundle of future line by fig tree: michelle jensen

997 oliver + S book : weston and sarah

21 scentsy warmer + products: aksherry

400 mini charm pack and coaster: laurel

1095 designer needles: yan hong lowson

233 mini charm packs: emily w

73 adorn it booklet patterns: mac

34 patterns: ecuakim

784 Lizzy house book: nancy

692 lizzy house book: allegory

104 patterns: kimland

600 patterns: ashley

congratulations to the winners. um can you please email me…i’ll contact you…but if you contact me first this might speed up the process 🙂

we’ll talk soon.

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