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this picture basically describes the state of the rest of the house. this is my daughter’s dresser top that is always cleaned off. it’s not so cleaned off right now.

as a matter of fact i had to move everything over just to take this picture of the other two patterns that arrived (and now in my shop as well) while i was gone at the sewing summit. (with my iphone…ahem because i left my camera in someone’s car as they were dropping me off at the airport in slc whole nother story. lets just say there was panic at the airport when i realized how “light” i was traveling. eh. but rest assured…my camera made it back to iowa with a fellow iowan friend that lives only 20 minutes away.) thank heavens.

  okay major side note: the houndstooth paper pattern will include all the instructions on how to make the baby quilt (using Creative Grids 90 Degree Strip Ruler for Quarter Square Triangles) AND (yay!!) all the instructions on how to make the larger version (using Creative Grids 90 Degree Double Strip Quilting Ruler) and the sizes on that are from lap size  50″ x 62″ all the way up to king size 102 1/4″ x 102 1/4″

okay so now back to speaking of the sewing summit, ah yes and camera and lack thereof…guess who didn’t take a single picture with her camera, so even if she had her camera with her now, it wouldn’t even matter because i don’t have anything to download from it anyways.but i did in fact take pictures with my phone…yeah a whole whopping 3 pictures people. seriously? first one was of jess doing her awesome improv thing. (up above)

second one is of the miss porkchop herself. it was really fun hanging with her. she’s hilarious.

and then with my best buddy for the weekend allison. please dont ask why the picture is upside down. okay i’ll tell you anyways. i took it upside down and no matter how many times i rotate it in picnik it keeps showing up like this here…maybe it’s just to show how tired i really still am. 🙂

but really one of the best things was finally meeting this gal. trish you are so sweet and are a really great friend and it was so nice to finally be able to give you a hug in person :).

as well as seeing ALL the amy’s (like almost too many to list seriously?!)

and well yes all the other fun laughing and sewing (not done by me because i didn’t bring any) so i guess it was more support sewing, and meeting in person a lot of great ladies that normally just look like black and white writing on my computer screen. so very nice to meet all of you. sorry if i was dazed by the end of it!

okay now the winner of the fun happy mail:

random # 405

Blogger Simply AJ said…Congrats and enjoy your accomplishments! You are one talented lady and you inspire so many of us to create our own “happy”! AJ

i’m also including the other two patterns as well because it was technically happy mail of last week as well! yay you!

thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement.

yes, pretty happy i am. 🙂

ps if you have pictures of me from summit…um you wanna send me some? thanks.

now to try to tackle my house.

if you don’t hear from me for a while, check under a mountain of moaning laundry for a twitching hand most likely that’s me crying for help.

we’ll talk soon. hopefully 🙂

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