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V and Co: word of the year come back


our new family tradition in our new area…

sunday afternoon bike rides on the trails

remember eons ago when i was rounding out the last day of the year looking forward to start the new year, and i had no clue our life was going to be rocked just three months later? yeah, remember my WORD for the year? it was “healthy

about that.

it feels like since that day…”healthy” was thrown out the door and “survival” became the word of the moment.
and well we’ve done just that. we survived. 🙂

but because i’ve been working so hard on “survival” i feel all out of whack and it ain’t because of crack…it’s because:

– i got off the “just water” drinking train and went back to having diet soda here and there. (but not the caffeine!)
-i lost all sense of schedules and routines since that disastrous day. (and it’s made me super cranky, the husband will tell you)
-i totally became shotty on my exercising. (oh i’ve given it a good effort here and there, but not like before)
-dude, and for some reason going from the super dry air of utah to the super moist air of iowa, has made me turn into a grape…as in: “in utah i was a raisin, and in iowa i am now a grape.”
i feel like i am retaining sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much water…no mater how much i watch what i eat, and how much i exercise…i still feel like a grape trying to put on my jeans.
(and no its not because of the soda because i really am not drinking that much, and i’m drinking water too.)


BUT, and this is a huge BUT…i feel like my family life in spite of it all and in spite of the survival mode, has become that much more healthy.
we’ve gone through a hard rough few months. and our family has come out like fighting champs. our kids have shown so much resilience, and have learned so much about life and how it can change in a day, they’ve learned life lessons of needing to be prepared. they’ve come out better understanding that the family unit as a whole is the most important thing in life, and everything else is well, just extra.

not only has our family gotten out of this stronger…
jake and my relationship has too.

jake and i have been attached at the hip for three months now.
and listen to this…

i KNOW right?

but screw survival! we’re off of that train and we’re now on “healthy” again.
and our healthy family needs routines, traditions, and stability.

so i’m getting back on the ball.

and sometimes i bounce off that ball and eat chocolate chips while making chocolate chip cookies.(hmmm i wonder why i’m a grape?)

but over all…i feel it in the air…our life is coming back to us.

and hot diggity dog i’m so excited about it.
what are some of your traditions and routines? you still working on your “word” of the year?
and ack! holidays are right around the corner! we’re going to have to adjust our holiday traditions being this far from our families. we’ll see how we tweak em.
we’ll talk soon.