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V and Co: summer pics: unpacked


for the summer months i’ll be blogging here and there with a few pics of what we’re up to. i’ll be closing comments so that i can focus mainly on my family and this special and rare occasion of having my WHOLE family at home. you can still contact me via email, facebook, or twitter. please feel free to! and we’ll “talk” more on the blog after the summer months! thanks so much!

so, week 2 at our temp location and we’re finally out of boxes. well…almost.
i’ve taken the “hometel” attitude that my kids call this place (home/hotel) and decorated it minimally…just enough to show someone that they really want to buy the place.
because well, we’re only planning on being here for a few months till we decide where we’re going to take a job and a more permanent residence…
but even after just two weeks of moving back into our “first purchased home” i am all nostalgic and remember just how much i loved living here and am having kind of a hard reality that after 10 years of owning this little place…we’re finally putting it on the market…and i have a sneaky suspicion that if it sells i’m going to be super sad.
seriously…i can clean the whole place in like an hour flat.
who doesn’t love that?