welcome to quilt album blog hop day 2


well first off i want to say “thank you” for yesterday. i was definitely not prepared to have almost all the fabric sell that quickly! i thought i had time to cut up some more but you guys swiped me out too quickly! but i have in fact cut up some more (some of them are “scrap” fat quarters…because i’ve cut a little out of them for appliques and such things…but i’ve discounted them and i’ve labeled them as such!) and i’ve also added some yardage. hopefully the shipping will work this time…i’ll email you with an invoice of shipping if it doesn’t. sorry for the inconvenience.
i’m making a new pattern for the shop as well…kits included this time too. yay! i’ll let you know when it’s done and tested and ready to go.
and YES i’m working on a VIDEO tutorial for the jersey bracelet! enough with the pestering already 😉 kidding but not really okay no really i am just kidding and hang tight it’s coming i just have to set up the tri-pod..ooooooh yeeeeeeah.

any ways check out the bundles, patterns, and yardage here.

also, i just have to tell you…we feel so grateful and blessed.
we have a couple of things working for us as we speak on the job front and on our house…but i want to say thank you for your suggestions and i’ve passed along a few of the referrals to others that are needing positions as well. we may be moving in some kind of direction…but i want to try to give others referrals or anything to help them figure it out too. so thank you!

now i’ve been asked by Pat Sloan to try the quilt album software.
i told her i’m a ninny with software and asked her if the dumbest of the dumbest in figuring out software could figure it out…she laughed (i think she thinks i was kidding but just ask the husband i ain’t kidding!) and she said “it’s simple to use! give it a go and see what you think!”

so i have. and because i’ve only scratched the surface on it…i’ll let you know of the things it CAN do and show you the one thing i DID do on it. and btw yeah it’s pretty easy even this nincompoop figured it out.

because this is a sponsored post and yes a giveaway please follow this link
as i speak more on it and i answer some fun questions about me!

we’ll talk soon! thanks so much for everything. and please know that every comment suggestion and email of concern and referrals are taken and appreciated, and sometimes forwarded to another individual who is in our situation as well.
press on, we will.