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as we round into the third month of this year, i’d like to let you all know how my “word” of the year is going.
i’d like to report that “OPERATION HEALTHY” is in full swing.

oh yes, have i mentioned that i’ve not had any caffeine since january 6th, at approx. 2:43 pm…kidding i quit the night before.
okay wait that’s a lie…i had one caffeinated drink (don’t know the actual date) and can i just tell you it kept me up till who knows what time? (2am).
yes, this diet dr pepper loving gal now has replaced her drink of choice with:

good ol’ H2O.
well not in entirety though.
i mean i still drink a caffeine free every so often (okay somedays more than others)
but it’s true.
that little habit. GONE!
the trick?
a STRAW. it makes drinking water so much easier. and add a little lemon…oooooh yeah. not as good as diet dr pepper…but whatever.

best part about it…the kids have picked up my new good habit.
they are drinking a ton of water just like me…yeah you can accurately assume we are using our toilet a.lot.

oh and the husband has just turned to the dark side as well and has gone caffeine free too. i’m not holding my breath but it’s good to see him try. 🙂

also did you know how insanely healthy (and freakin expensive) blueberries are?
they are.
and they are now a part of my life.
i try not gasp or cringe every time my children grab handfuls of the yummy little EXPENSIVE blue things either. but it’s painful to watch them be healthy sometimes.

no blueberries were hurt or injured in this post. but girl scout cookies were indeed inhaled and devoured. i mean DESTROYED people. prior to this post.

stupid girl scout cookies and their deliciousness.
okay so i’ll work on that.

how’s your “word” going?