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ruffle pillow on Good things Utah recap


i know i said monday. but i got a few minutes in between Zumba dancing with my family, church, and setting up for the super bowl. so for all you out of state-ers that wanted to see my 5 minutes of… er…fame. here’s the show’s link.

all i have to say is that i am really more livelier/feistier/colorful, and more boisterous (as some of you thought i would be, seriously just ask my kids and my husband, and well anyone that has to deal with me on a regular basis) when i am not having three camera crew guys staring at me with big huge cameras. i did say to the “ladies” after it was all said and done: “i’m so happy i didn’t crap my pants.” they seem to think i was kidding and laughed. i really actually am happy that i didn’t crap my pants, or vomit or really actually feel that much fear when i got there. at one point i did start freaking out that i wasn’t freaking out. but i got over it pretty quick.

although i do have to say that i think it’s HILARIOUS that my face went from totally smiling to a complete look of terror of “oh my gosh what in the H*ll am i doing here….wait focus focus…im making something…okay full swing ahead lets make this thing.” facial expression in the first few minutes of my thing. i think my husband said that my middle noise maker said something to the effect of “whoa, mom just lost all her smile. is she okay?”

another really fun and exciting thing… and with super bowl being just around the corner…the COMMERCIALS are all a buzzing right?

so when i first arrived, there were three guys already there in the “green room” (that had green sofas and nothing else green i’d like to add.) when i got there… i kept staring at them like i knew i knew them but didn’t know from where…and i asked who they were and one of them answered “oh we’re nobody’s” and i was like haha good cause i am too. and then it clicked and i turned around and pointed my finger at them and was like “YOU!!!!!! OH MY GOSH. NO. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE…YOU, YOU SUCK HIS FINGER AND HE RIPS YOUR PANTS OFF!!!” one of the guys answered “you know a simple ‘you guys made the doritos commercial would of sufficed.'” kidding i think he said something like “yeah we’re those guys.” check out their commercial here. along with all the other finalists. should be funny to see if the guys i yelled at in the green room win the super bowl spot. if they do win, i’ll be kicking myself for not taking a picture with them! if they don’t win…uh they are as funny in person as they are in the commercial and it would of still been fun to of gotten a picture with them.
i did though get a shot of the GTU ladies and all my awesome groupies that drove 3 hours to be there with me.

and i got to meet in real life kari of UCREATE. she’s so nice and sweet! thanks to all of you that came to support me!
you guys are awesome i’m so lucky to call you friends! and no i wasn’t kidding that i would start signing autographs on any part of your body with a permanent pen. just dare me.
okay well that’s all for me.
have a smashing weekend.
oh and happy super bowl!
we’ll talk soon.
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