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it was a blur


was your Christmas good?
ours was fun but ours was a blur. currently i have 40 fingers and 40 toes at my house wondering what to do next and staring at me and begging me to let them play video games. so i let them…but then i get annoyed with how much they play…so i make them stop…big huge difference between summer vacation and winter vacation, the possibility of leaving and being out and about and going to the pool. i’m so not a cold weather person, but maybe i’ll get us out sledding. yuck, i’m cold just thinking about it. do you think they would mind if i stay in the running car with the heater on? hmmm possibilities opening up.

another blur was my decision to cut my bangs and then actually going out and doing it. didn’t think twice about it. yikes. and actually had a really hard time with the change…but i’m getting used to them. i actually went and saw tron and loved cora’s bangs so much that i walked away from that movie going…yeah i can do bangs. we shall see how the saga continues.

also notice that i went back to my natural hair color. (i did about a month and half ago) i don’t remember being this dark but sure enough there you have it.
all this change i did with my hair got me thinking of my new year’s resolution word for the upcoming year. this last year’s word was consistency…hmm i’ll work on it for the next few days i think…seeing that i’m not really going to be working on anything else till after the holiday vacation.

any good word suggestions out there?

ps: thank heavens for the blur of a picture…it makes me look like i have no wrinkles. it’s like my own personal botox…minus the weird lack of facial movement.
we’ll talk soon
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