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new quilt pattern pre-order sale


well here she is.
that little quilt i’ve been working on a little bit here and a little bit there all summer long.

i made the promise to myself that i would only work on it when we were at the pool or when i was sitting doing nothing after the kiddos went to bed.
can i just tell you how much i love it?
a lot.
it’s by far my favorite quilt i’ve made.

so here’s the deal.
i’m super busy doing fair week in our little town as we’re still trying to raise money for a new playground for the elementary school so i’m on fast forward motion with fundraiser stuff and i wont be able to completely finish the instructions till next monday.

sooooooo i’m giving you a deal:
if you pre-order my pattern i’ll give you a little discount just to say thanks for ordering something you will need to wait a little bit on. but let me tell you…i think this little quilt is worth the wait.
soooo what say you?
do you like it?

pre order your pattern here
this pre order sale will end on monday the 23rd.

and once again thanks for your lovely support.
we’ll talk soon.

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