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adding color and dying men


i can’t believe we’re rounding out summer.
i’m so not ready to welcome fall.
please don’t make me do it.
sigh…fine…i’ll do it but not now.
right now lets talk about our garden…
our garden (despite my earlier attempt to kill it) has made a bit of a comeback. sooo happy because i don’t know how i would of been able to handle years on end of talk about how i managed to kill everything the husband had worked so hard for so many months blah de be blah blah…yeah…
but for the husband and my sake i’m so happy we are able to actually reap some stuff he planted. this year we broadened our horizons and tried other things other than just zucchini and peas. this time we added some color! with tomatoes (still not pictured because they refuse to grow faster.) and carrots which i totally pulled out way too early but who cares cause look!… WE MADE A CARROT!

and radishes which my 8 year old actually brought home from scout camp and is apparently taking after the ol man of the house because they both go out there and sit and stare at the garden like they can see or hear it grow.
my 10 year old and i just look at them like they are nuts while we ride bikes get tired of that and then jump on the trampoline and get tired of that then we go inside and then we come back outside just to find those two still sitting there staring.

but the most exciting thing about our garden this year is that we finally got some heads lettuce. i totally doubted the husband because i kept seeing a ton of lettuce leaves and was like “we should start picking it and eating it.”
and he was like “no, there’s suppose to be a “head of lettuce” by the time we pick it.
i kept staring at it thinking “i think you are wrong…there’s no way there’s a round head of lettuce going to come out of all that leaf-age.”
and then he would reply “did you just say leaf-age? and you are totally smoking crack, there will be a head of lettuce at least that’s what the package said just be patient.”
and then i was all “you are smoking crack…and since when has our life EVER been just like the package said?”
he was like “good point…but i’m sure on the lettuce.”

and sure enough we have heads of lettuce growing…who knew?
somebody needs to tell heads of lettuce that they waste a lot of leaf-age though. seriously. look at all the extra fluff.

anywho. meet our new neighbors. no their not ours…we’ve loaned out our pasture to some nice people…who have a lot of sheep… and these said sheep look like they are wearing turtlenecks and should be on their way to a coffee house to take a break from their school studies. it makes me giggle every time.

and coincidentally… did you know that these said sheep sound a lot like dying old men? not that i have a lot of experience with that sound…but that’s what i’ve decided they sound like… especially when they are right outside your bedroom window and you and the husband are trying to be romantic…not the best sound to hear.
i’m just sayin.

we’ll talk soon…
i’m writing a post about schedules and another post on glass etching.
oooh maybe i am getting in the fall mood.
nope not just yet, cause i’ll get to it when we get back from the pool.