v and co tutorial: make your own custom art


so using your vinyl cutter (silhouette) you can make this lovely little custom canvas art.
my house is in the middle of a decorating overhaul and i don’t have a buttload of money to just go out and buy pottery barn everything soooo. why not make some decor?
once i got my design on my vinyl i cut out excess black around it (because i’m super cheap frugal and thought i could do something with the excess vinyl which i did and for this tutorial as well.)
using the transfer paper i was able to place exactly on my canvas where i wanted my cut out.
but i wanted a little more twigs on there…now you could just cut out more from the machine but like i said i’m super frugal so i just used the extra black vinyl i had left over and cut out with scissors some twigs:
and then i added a few little leaves and a flower that would sort of match:

then i got my trusty spray paint
and sprayed over my vinyl. i did a couple of coats and let it dry.
once it was dry i peeled away the vinyl and well there you have it…custom art that looks like you took quite a bit of time to create!
i’ve made another one for my living room…the dandelions measure 8inches by 21 inches…

i love it!

i’m off to the pool, but i’m going to try my hand at the glass etching next. i’ll give you a heads up when i’m done!

go and try to get your own silhouette here!!!!!!

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