winner of green fairy quilts giveaway.


thank you all who entered!
random # generator picked lucky number:


Blogger Karyli said…

Please change my luck! 🙂

June 10, 2010 3:22 PM

uh well there you go i guess i just changed your luck!

congrats! please contact me via email with your info so we can get you your winnings!

oh don’t worry all of you who didn’t win we still have next month and then the next month and then the next month.

yup once a month baby.

oh don’t want to wait to feel like you are a winner?
well check it: judi of green fairy quilts is so stinkin nice that she sent me an email saying this:
” we are sending a newsletter out tonight offering a free Charm Pack with any order of $10 or more through the weekend. Just letting you know in case you wanted to offer consolation for those who didn’t win :).”
um judi, ever heard why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?
no,no reason, i was just wondering if you had… people take advantage!

tomorrow i’m hoping to give you a beginning quilter’s block tutorial. yup, i’m sewing again…finally.

😉 talk to you soon.

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