a few things if you will


if you are looking for the sew mama sew giveaway day post…check it here.
winners will be picked at midnight tonight, sorry i have to close it then because i need to go to sleep because i’m leaving in the morning. early.

now onto the other things going on.
yes it’s true i’m going to market. i’ve not spoken of it in fears that i would jinx it. but here has come the day that i’m packing and getting ready to go. weeks of working behind the scenes (aka the blog) and still nothing to show you. but i’ll show you some things soon. i’ve been visiting the bathroom more than normal thanks to my nerves, and i don’t even have a booth. sheesh. i have no idea how designers do it. fabulous bowels they must have, or pepto bismol stock they must own. (sorry i’ll back off the yoda talk sometimes it just comes out.)

so for the next couple of days my husband will have full control over the remote, and other bloggers will have full control over my blog. well just the tutorial part of it. they are some nice girls to help this gal out for the rest of the week so make sure you are nice to them and tell them how wonderful their work is.

i’m looking forward to sleeping on the plane. but lets be honest i probably wont. i should buy a book or something. you know those things i used to love to read when i had more time and not trying to make two quilts a week and tutorials for the blog, and keeping the noisemakers and the husband happy and fed, and doing a lot of community council stuff, and trying to keep up on the monster my laundry has become, and lets not forget making sure the skid marks on the toilets get cleaned off if by chance someone comes over to use out bathroom.
books, yeah those things. it’s probably a good thing to try to read so i don’t fall hard asleep and get off on the wrong stop and end up in turkey instead of minneapolis. i’m just sayin.

this last week we saw some gorgeous weather. we havn’t had that and it was lovely to have. we as a fam worked on the yard all.weekend.long. we’ve prepared the garden…(it’s growing btw, but still too cold to put outside over night) it made me remember how much i LOVE to work side by side with the husband…and how useless the kids are when you need them to focus on yard work. its okay though they got some vitamin D on their skin, and we BBQ’d with friends to celebrate our coming-along-after-the-winter-woe’s backyard.

at some point this last little bit (all my days are mushed together) the two younger kids and i took a bike ride while the other two were still at school. on our way home from roaming around a bit, we turned our corner and the third boy noise maker skids on his breaks and then proceeds to move on in a snail like pace. i watched him do the whole thing and so i asked him why he stopped and why he was going so slow.
he simply answered “because mom, it says the speed limit is 25.” of course.
love my kids. have i said that lately?
it took just a little bit of sunshine to make my spirits soar to the sky. gosh i miss the sun.
now. off to keep packing and pretend that i’m okay with the house (which i am SO not but whatever. i don’t have time)

so keep me in your prayers that i don’t miss my stop, my husband doesn’t delete my shows, and that i don’t crap my pants at market.
thanks in advance.
we’ll talk soon.

oh OH and check out this kit that the crafty girls workshop did of my pattern over at the moda bake shop. you get the pattern and the fabric for a really great price! good stuff people. goood stuff.
okay now logging off.

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