that time of the year again


nope not tax time…well, yes it’s that too… did you get your’s done? phew, we did too.
but that’s not what i’m talking about.
i’m talking about DERBY RACING TIME. yes, that time of the year when the boys become men and the men become…boys.
sanding, shaping, grinding. painting, drawing, hotglueing. WD-40-ing, graphite powedering, and weighing in…yes it’s this time of the year that makes my husband shake with excitement and fear…and bring my boys a hopeful dream of winning and a prayer of not being dead last every single race.
we have two of our three boys racing this year. they got to choose what their design,color and weight was. (the husband thought we should have a dukes of hazard horn put in the orange one)
this week was spent making these bad boys. and trying to create a few new patterns and tutorials.
my house is trashed, i’ve got spray paint all over my hands, and i’ve unpicked and re-sewn i don’t know how many times.
the house and patterns will have to wait…as tonight is the night we take these cars out and watch through and peeking up behind half closed hands. just to breathe a sigh of relief as we watch our cars not be the slowest one every single time.
here’s to not coming home a sore loser.

v and co loves her sponsors. i want this necklace from madison reece designs.