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dear husband of mine


dear husband,
as you already know we are fast approaching our 12 year anniversary.
and as you already know because you have been married to me for so said years…you know that i’m kind of hard to shop for on these occasions.
so here’s my list of things you could get me and i would be totally happy with:
1.) a new house that looks like this. or you could just remodel our 1970’s bungalow to look like this house as well. i’m not too picky…either one will be fine.
or you could:
2.) buy me that nice suv i’ve had my eye on.
no more would be the days of watching the odometer reach unsightly #’s past the 150,000 mark.
and days of me parking around the corner from our house so no one will see me coming out of our trash mobile.
and we could kiss goodbye the days of asking family and friends prior to entering our mini van if they in fact have made sure their immunizations are all up to date, and to sign a release form anyways, “just in case”
or if those two things fall through you could always
3.) buy me

Friends – The Complete Series Collection and i know it’s $154.99…but…look at what a savings it would be not buying a new house or car! i mean whats $155 when we were just talking millions and thousands?

or there’s always this:
4.) for a whopping bargain of $75 you could get me 30 Rock: Seasons 1-3

so you pick…whatever you get me from this list would be awesome and i will truly love it!

love you tons,
that wonderful thing you married almost 12 years ago.

did you all see how i did that? yeah i’m a genius.

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