winner of quilt shoppe giveaway


well, it’s a good thing i have mad counting skills and can count up into the thousands,
because apparently you guys like fabric. and if it’s free and cute even the better. either that or you guys are a bunch of cheapskates who will jump at anything free. either case thanks for making that the most comments i’ve ever had on a post…uh two times over.

but you don’t care do you because you are waiting to see who got the prized winning.

random # generator produced this number as the lucky winner:

Blogger Rachel said…

What a great giveaway! These are some fabulous fabrics.

March 8, 2010 10:36 AM

well little lady…

email me (do so by clicking on “contact me” up on top) so i can get your info to lani! congrats!

and seriously thank you all who entered!

and thank you to the quilt shoppe for the giveaway!

tomorrow we will have another guest blogger tutorial. remember easter is right around the corner! yup, that was a hint.

we’ll talk soon.

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