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gingerbread man and box tops


most of you know that i have kids in elementary school.
three to be exact.
my kindergartner made a ginger bread man the other day at school, and well the gingerbread man ran away.

so here’s the thing:
if you happen to see the ginger bread man in your area (in the u.s. or out of it as well) would you like to send a postcard to this address?:

Ms. Davis’ kindergarten
Loa Elementary School
P.O. Box 130
Loa, UT 84747

you can say something like this:
dear ms davis class,
my name is kim, i am kyle’s (that’s my kids’ name) mom’s friend who reads about kyle on her blog.i just wanted to let you know that i spotted the gingerbread man here in texas.he was wearing a cowboy hat, and having a hootin’ hollering good time riding a mechanical bull.but he got away before i could catch him.sincerely,

the class is trying to see how far and where this little sneaky gingerbread man goes and what he does in his travels!
you have till the dec 12th to mail out them postcards. want to play? 😉

okay and now the second matter of business:
so some of you know that i live in a SUPER DUPER RURAL AREA. (estimated people in the COUNTY is 900 people, yeah i know.) soooo this said elementary school in this said rural community has some pretty uh “not up to standard code” playground equipment. and where most elementary schools in like cities have a lot of students with a lot of parents, we have some students with not that many parents. comparably.
sooo we are doing box tops to try to get some extra cash. in the hopes to add to the funds to get some new play ground equipment. the way we are going we’re looking down the road…in a few years. when we do fundraisers mind you we don’t come back with a ton of money. we get some, but because there isn’t that many of us out here…well you get what i’m saying.

so i had an idea.
ask anyone out there who doesn’t have a kid in elementary school who wants to maybe help our cause.
see these little guys in the picture?

well if you have any on your brand food packages, and you would like to gather them up and when you get some together, send them on over to our elementary school…we would most appreciate it.
i’m on the community council and i see first hand how much we NEED.
and me growing up in l.a. and san diego…i know how much we don’t have.
so yeah me throwing that out there.

here’s the address:

loa elementary school
p.o. box 130
loa, ut 84747

if you’d like to help thank you right now in advance!
talk to you soon!