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today’s the day: sytyc


if you’ve noticed lately my posts have been sort of lacking in the “overload on crap craft i’ve been working on” well one of the reasons is because i’ve been preparing for this event to start.
missy approached me a while ago and proposed the idea of going head to head with other blogs (and the marvelous women behind them) in creating for a weekly “theme”…it took me some time to jump on board.
i got a few emails saying “it would be fun”…and “come on everyone’s doing it”s…
and because i totally collapse to peer pressure. i emailed back “i’m in.”
i think i’m glad i did.
on the up side:
i’m grouped in with amazingly talented women.
on the down side:
i’m grouped in with amazingly talented women.

you get what i’m putting down?
so today’s the day that you get to see what i made for the theme of the week…oh but here’s the twist…we’re not allowed to tell you who was the creator of what.
you aren’t voting for ME…you are voting for the best creation.

pretty cool no?
and pretty stress induced rapid bowel movement maker too.
so go over there and check out what we 10 crafters have been working on. and don’t forget to vote for your favorite craft!
wish me luck!