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cow stalkers


recent happenings around V and Co’s stomping ground

that night we had what sounded like a stampede of cows mooing so loud we went out there with a flash light to see what was going on (and to make sure they hadn’t plowed through our fence) what we found were 50+ cows all staring into our pasture and taunting our small pathetic cows into a corner peeing their pants.
two small pasture cows vs 50+ large pasture in a herd cows…not the best match up.
things died down after a while…but it was eery.
you would think the story ends here…i did too..
a few mornings later…after school had started and i was on the phone with a friend. i GASPED when i opened my shades. she asked what was wrong…
i said in a hushed voice “there’s a cow in my front yard, it looks mad…and it’s looking at me!” i turn to the cow and say “are you looking at me? seriously stop looking at me…
no really i’m just the wife of the guy who didn’t give you the hay. he’s at work just a few blocks away if you’d like i can give you the address…no? okay well i’ll just go inside now. ”
i close the door and peek out my window.
“oh my gosh he’s going to break in to our back yard!” i yell into the phone.
the friend then told me to yell something that cowboys yell to get them moving in the direction they need them to go.
i think she was laughing so hard she didn’t hear me…except for when i started yelling at it
“oh yeah! that’s right! who’s in charge here! run away scared (scary) cow! see if you come back and bug us again! HA!”

i showed that cow. you don’t mess with the wife of the guy who bought the hay.
but i still cant shake the eery feeling of eyes staring at me hooves getting closer and following me when my back is turned…
i think i’m being stalked.