May 26, 2009

shop stocked with “things”

pictured is my aqua pillows for sale. go to my etsy store to find this one and more. okay so now go on over to the blog and get a chance to win a honey bun (you know the one i made my baby girl quilt out of) yeah that one. go on go tell […]

just kidding shop update today and tomorrow!

okay so i totally goofed and well the giveaway will be today at 9 pacific time @ little birdie secrets so i’m updating the shop today at 9:55 my time (mountain standard time) and what ever i don’t get in today i’ll finish tomorrow morning (like the patterns) sorry for the confusion! obviously i’ve been […]

shop update

image includes the ruffle pillow. pattern and pillow will be available to buy. yeah i know it’s early. but i don’t know when the other blog is going to do their spotlight so i have to make sure i get everything in there before hand. and well, if i don’t get spotlighted till like 10 […]