this one’s just for me


do your feet ever stay cold no matter how long you’ve been under your covers? is it just me?

well yesterday i decided i was not going to have cold feet anymore! and decided to make me a rice heating bag…you know the ones you stick in the microwave.

i wanted it to look stylish and cute…but i also wanted to change the cover if my fancy so required it…

i also use it on my tense neck and hello! loove it and i feel all relaxed when it’s finally all cooled off!

now before you all start barking at me that you want a tutorial, it’s coming, and it’s so easy.

maybe by the end of the week. (so far i’ve managed to keep from getting the flu, probably has to do a little with the spraying down the children with lysol every time they come near me…we’ll see if my luck stays up!)