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it’s snowing


i have no real picture today, because ALL my projects are in “halfway” status. so i’ll put in one of my boys this morning doing something i love them doing, playing together and having thier best friends live under the same roof. truely i am so greatful that they love to play together.

i don’t think i’m going to make too much headway on too many projects today either. we’ll see how the day plays out…but i need a day off, and that’s not going to happen, so i’m curling up under my quilt start reading one of the books i got from the library while the little one naps, drink hot chocolate, start a fire, and stay in my sweats all the live long day.
i asked for a blessing from our bishop (something i have a hard time doing because i always think, there are people who need it far worse than i do.) but i did it anyways…what a blessing, it was i was blessed with strength, amongst many other things that are very personal and dear to my heart, i was promise many things, and my faith has been strengthened.

ah and yes the countdown to my birthday has started 5 days till my 33rd…what do i have lined up? well i’m getting my hair done tomorrow, and i asked her to wax my eyebrows because truth be told i lost my tweezers about a month ago, and i’m growing a national forest around my once nicely plucked eyebrows, i’m going up to slc, going to a BYU game with the youth in my church, and i’m going to fabric stores WITH my children and not get embarrassed of the disaster we are in public places, oh and i might throw in there a little Tai Pan…and i’m going to eat glorious Chinese food! yes i’m going to have a grand time…while i drag my children with me everywhere I WANT TO GO! 😉 and they’ll like it!