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what i did and didn’t do


* i DID finish one grandmother’s flower, appliqued it to white back ground fabric and am now working on quilting it…i’m thinking of making it into a pillow or a wall hanging to go in my room (it sort of matches my pinwheel quilt that will go at the end of my bed.)

*i DIDN’T paint the boys room…had a kind of relaps of sunday night on friday day managed to do halloween, then snapped out of it by saturday.

*i DID manage to do 6 loads of laundry and have a renewed loathing feeling for that chore until i started a new habit of folding some every night while watching my old “friends” dvds.

*i DIDN’T leave my house this weekend not once, except to go to church.

*i DID get my monthly surprise visitor (why do i NEVER see the signs?) i usually have my husband to tell me “look at the calendar v, think about it.” which i quickly turn and call him the devil’s spawn for blaming my craziness to pms…a few days later i’m apologizing (every single month people)

*i DIDN’T really do much saturday (which is usually a big working day for me) and that was okay, just me and the kids laying around watching spongebob, making lego space ships, cleaning up a little, and worked on my nine patch quilt a little more.

*i DID have have a wonderful sunday, the weather was windy, rainy, and even some hail hit. i bore my testimony, and i actually felt the spirit. it was awesome to be at church. i love days like that.

*i DIDN’T make any big plans for this next week, so the page is wide open as to what i want to get done…now to start a new week…