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a thank you and a winner


my house did get decorated for the fall, but thats about all i did…

well i just want to thank you all for the so very nice comments and well wishes! THANK YOU!yes we’re pretty excited to say the least. it’s been too long you know? anyways here’s your winner i used that thing and i have to say it’s pretty cool….it picked # 54 and yes i counted them up and twinkle twinkle baby, twinkle twinkle is the winner so give me your address at vanessa_christenson[at]yahoo[dot]com so i can send out your little cute bag! oh and by the way your little girl is adorable !

well i totally did NOT get everything (or anything) done last week that i was planning in my head to get done because i got the pms-ing thing going on, seriously it comes as a total surprise every single month. you would think that i would know the routine:

phone call to a friend “i think i’m going crazy, everyone and everything is making me cry or have an internal animosity towards them… this is it i can’t hold on anymore it was good while it lasted you know holding on to dear life, well the last finger is slipping, oh and i’ve gained 5 pounds and i’m eating everything in sight! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!!!!” and then the next day it all makes sense…

my husband usually was the one to tell me (gently because if not i would of bitten his head off) “uh look at the calendar…” and i wouldn’t believe him, thought he was wrong and this was it i wasn’t going to be able to hold up the house the crafts or my end of the bargain in life… and then the next day it would all make sense…so why is it a surprise every single month?


i’m back … and am now enjoying life again, no more dangling from one pinkie…well okay still dangling from one pinkie but still thinking i can handle it…

so the next three days will be spent finishing all the cleaning that i started and going to the gym and maybe finishing the quilt for my bed…but if nothing gets done, none of it will matter because i’m seeing G.I. Joe husband on thursday!!!!!!!

here’s to overplanning my time and trying to accomplish too much while still trying to be a “good” mom! bull by the horns people, bull by the horns. (well until next month when it all comes crashing down and it’s all a surprise all over again!)

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