July 2, 2008

fast easy decorating

i first saw the fabric in a hoop on soule mama but now it seems like it’s everywhere. so i decided to do it as well. what i love about this is that you can change the fabrics for the season and it’s an instant change to the look. cheap, easy, and super fast…my FAVORITE […]

dear crystal light…


its not you its me…and i don’t want to entirely give up drinking you because you taste good and replenish my thirst…but you don’t do for me what my beloved diet dr pepper does…keep me awake. now you see i have 4 little kids and my husband is gone for a while and i can’t […]

summer quilt::part 2

i still have to hand bind the beast but i think i can do it in two nights…after the kids are in bed. i’ll pop in a few good movies and give it a go…what do you think?

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