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family picture…or rather lack there of


i tried to take pictures of the kids yesterday…i didn’t get anything worth putting up on my header. but i was looking at all of them and noticed kyle…

and the cat that he was holding…i would feel bad for it but truth be told, i’m starting to hate those cats. also my 4 year old likes to “spike” his OWN hair, i’m not allowed to touch it and well, you see the result of his attempts.

and this is our new pasture grazer she’s half horse half donkey so that makes her a mule, and let me tell you mules sound nothing like horses and when you are expecting a horse sound to come out of this very large animal, the sound that comes out of it scares the crap out of you!…so now count with me:

1 mule for grazing

2 calf’s also for grazing

6 little kittens that run ALL over the dang house and climb up my furniture non stop, pull down my quilts (yeah and they are still alive), and who poop all the live long day (thankfully in a litter box but still! gross!)

1 momma cat that is still nursing all 6 kittens and has an appetite that is going to eat me out of a house and home and who is mirroring how tired i feel sometimes

1 lazy dumb dog that is so loved by…

1 very missed husband over seas

4 crazy kids who for some reason go through spurts of not able to do anything for themselves or do what is asked of them, and are pretty much trying real hard to become monkeys while they are disobeying and needing me…

and lastly:

1 crazy lady trying so dang hard to hold it all together…with a smile.

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