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i don’t write much about him cause his work in the army is case sensitive, and he’s adamant about me keeping that promise that i would not divulge any info that might in someway hurt the company while overseas, so even though i don’t write about him, we are updated from time to time that all is well and he misses us, i try not to fall apart on the phone, and i try to just update the highlights and mainly the positive ones, but one thing is for sure, we are pretty damn proud of him and the guys he is serving with…

my soldier of a husband does “something” for the army in a “company” with some great guys. some of which are from cali when we were all together (with wives). while our husbands were in training we would go to the beach, walk the canyons, cried with and then tried to look at the bright side of things when one of our husbands re-uped, got our hair done by the same girl (miss you girl!), tried to be crafty together, ate at restaurants, went to playgroups weekly and sometimes daily when we needed it, those were good times. these ladies were fast friends, i met my best friend there and even though we have so many miles inbetween us right now we still talk about living in the same nighborhood one day. all of us had so many things in common being on a military base together and going through the daily grinds of military life, i was new to the whole scene but many of them were vets and had been doing this their whole marriage, i met some amazing women all due to the military, i met women who know my pains without me even mentioning anything to them, they are spunky, fun, optimistic, and down right tough. a year ago i was having harsh thoughts about the military, and why, why, why did we do this, but now i sing a different tune i am honored to be grouped in with these ladies, and especially with these families, we maybe swimming against a lot of criticism of the public, but i assure you what they do over there is a necessity, and no matter what i am proud to be part of the support to keep America safe.

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