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what i’m doing today…


first off thank you for your comments yesterday, the sites, and the encouraging words alone made me have a great day. i know we will be alright. he’s a great kid, and we’re doing better already, even from when we first got the diagnosis.
today is filled with things i need to do…

kind of wish i could just sit under a quilt and read all day long, but no, things need to be done. but in really great news (well to me at least) i get to finish my rag rug that i’ve been working on with my friend. i’ll definitely be posting pics of that, and i’m so happy to be able to put a DONE next to it on my to do list. happy cleaning, baking (yes that’s my kind of baking because i suck at it) and creating.
ps: have i mentioned how much i’m sooo loving my photoshop? i just wish i knew how to use it to it’s full potential!

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