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well as if we don’t have enough crazy going on around here, lets just add a whole new litter to the mess shall we?things i learned from the experience 1)i’m super happy i only have one kid at a time, i mean i could probably handle twins but uh no thank you to 7 at a time. 2) it may be a lot cleaner of an experience for cats to give birth, but it’s still gross, and am going to throw away the blanket and towels that were used in the process. 3)cats go through laybor, pretty much like every other living thing. i felt so bad for her she kept meowing a deep meow and all i could say was “oh, i ‘m sooo sorry kitty!” and after 5 i started to say “okay you can stop now!” … they sure are cute, and the kids are trying REAL hard to convince me that the cat would be royally upset with me if i even think about giving the kittens away there’s no way i’m going to keep all the cats but they are pretty set on it, i’m already tired just thinking of the the fights and nashing of the teeth that is going to happen when the time comes… and notice the new shoe? yuppers a new great find at aero when i was with jake up at slc on the clearance rack…
i’ve been going through my photos, trying to upload them into the computer, here’s a funny one of me on my 6th (?) birthday, love the hard liquor amoungst the birthday celebration. apparently we knew how to party. found this picture of our wedding day, gosh i miss you.
and the spring cleaning is in full swing over here, i’m going through EVERYTHING and getting rid of and simplifying, clothing, decorations, toys, and just anything i don’t want to keep. i moved up the cat food and the cereal bags out of reach from my little organizer, and ofcourse the ever so many loads of laundry that happens with trips. i’m still playing catch up, but i’m starting to love my house again.

somethings i DIDN’T do yesturday: 1) check other peoples blogs, i swear i try, it just gets super hard to, but i love to see what’s going on with everone 2) go to bed at a reasonable hour 3) go to the grocery store 4)make dinner (we ate pizza) 5)manage to have a wonderful experince doing homwork with my 8 year old (he ended up smearing pizza all over it so he didnt have to do it any more, but i made him do it anyways. 6) get any real crafting done except a few things here and there (hence the late night and no blog checking, and no catching up on my shows). maybe today i’ll get some of these things done. wish me luck.

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